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Corporate Sustainability Advice

Let us help you with the E in your ESG strategy.

Without Waste gives YOUR ORGANISATION the opportunity to play your part in committing to a more environmentally friendly workplace to benefit all of society and future generations by working with you to reduce single use plastics and carbon emissions.

We provide an advisory service and after in-depth workplace analysis, we will pinpoint the areas of environmental improvement that can be achieved. You will receive an Environmental Awareness and Action Proposal with methods to make simple changes that can lead to big results in reducing carbon emissions.

We can also advise you on relations with suppliers helping to reduce and potentially eliminate further carbon emissions.

We are always pleased to talk to organisations who want to take that next step and we can show you how simple changes matter.

Your Sustainability Advisor

Katie Elliott

Owner of Without Waste Refill Shop, has an Open University Higher Education Diploma in Environmental Sciences and many years of experience working with environmental charities. Katie continues to be heavily involved in community activities and events that support a more sustainable environment.

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